Is Google AdWords Express Better Than Google Ads?

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Google AdWords Express vs Google Ads

So What Is Google AdWords Express?

You hear a lot of lingo out in the digital space and one of them is search engine marketing (SEM). Simply put, this is a form of paid advertising.

Google AdWords Express is a form of paid search marketing management, where little to no interaction is required by you and basically automated by Google. Someone types in a search term that should be related to your business, then click on your ad and then they are taken through to your site. Overall views and clicks will drive your Google Express account.

If you are using AdWords Express you are entrusting Google with your marketing campaign.

Its robots assume control and managing your ad. Based on search results, it begins ranking your adverts for the most views and the most clicks, not conversions. Optimising adverts is not ideal but it does have its place. It is good for first-time users who don’t have a lot of time to set up or monitor their promo.

You will need to set up your Google My Business account to set up your account and Google AdWords express app, then finally, put together an ad to highlight your product or service. From there, you will be potentially be connected with customers looking for local business.

Fees wise, this is a PPC  (pay per click) and you only pay when a customer has clicked your ad link. Initially, you set your budget with Google on how much you want to pay for the month, with the whole process only taking about 15 minutes.

Sounds too good to be true?

Should You Be Using AdWords Express

Should You Be Using AdWords Express?

If you want Google to completely control how you spend your money, then sure, go for it.

However, keep in mind that Google will be optimising your campaign based on views and clicks and not conversions, which is not really giving you the advantage you assume you are paying for.

Conversions are key in the world of optimisation.

Digital marketing campaigns need specialist knowledge and experience, which is why you should seek out a Google advertising partner to discuss how to maximise your ad spend and use Google Ads for a better outcome.

How Does Google Express Compare To Google Ads?

Both formats will show your ads on Google searches, Google Maps and relevant websites in the Google display network. Google Ads are far more superior, as they can take your conversions into account when ranking your campaign. Google Express does not, which can really limit your potential for your objectives.

There is one extremely important difference between Express and Google Ads. AdWords allow you to continuously maintain your content. So keywords, promo changes, updates, can be changed whenever and however you would like. It also improves your ranking on Google when you receive conversions, i.e. when people purchase from your site, make a booking or take up an offer. Conversions are a major driver for success.

Express does not take your conversions into consideration when they are implementing their ranking process.

Google partner with the same advertising network but use different formats. Express only allows you to display text on your ad. This means no engaging content such as moving pictures, video content, YouTube or banners. This is limiting and can make your amazing products or services, come off a little drab.

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