Stand out from the crowd.

Ensure that your brand image represents who you are as a business.

Digital Audit and Competitor Research

There are many ways to use digital technology to improve your business outcomes.

At Brand Solutions, we believe in researching and conducting a digital audit to help us work out where your business rates in the digital landscape. Is your business a digital beginner, digitally active or digitally advanced?

We use professionally built search software to better understand the way consumers search your channels and what they are looking for.

Your business must be benchmarked against other similar businesses in your industry, to get an idea of which tasks are most important. Your business may not need to be digitally advanced in all areas, but you should aim to match or exceed your competitors activity.

Presentation is everything.

We put it all together to make sure you look good.

Analytic and KPI Reporting

At Brand Solutions we prove ourselves on monitoring your campaigns and look forward to the debrief process with your marketing team to identify and maximise improvements in marketing efforts such as website traffic, social engagement, SEO, SEM, eDMs and print media.

Channel Analysis

When you commit to a marketing campaign, we provide the analytical evidence on how to monitor your return on investment. It’s all about expertly getting to know your audience and their behaviours. The metrics tell the truth about your business and the activity surrounding it. We provide detailed reports on any campaign delivered, including information such as open rates, click throughs, subscriber and website activity.
We don’t just provide reports on how each segment of your campaign is going but also an insight into the strategies applied and how they work.

Work with us – Say Hello !

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