Deliver the right message.

Content is king – make your words count – no matter how they are delivered.

Content Copy Writing

Content is KING and drives all marketing strategies.

We can write and create content for all digital and print mediums. Our services deliver your message to your target audience…the right way.

Our team of creative copywriters and content creators choose the right words – your words – so you can make your point and make it last.

The key benefits of good marketing copy:

  • Engage your customers and increase enquiries
  • Clearly inform and entertain…without the waffle
  • Convey your key messages with consistent tone.

Our copy writing services include:

  • Guidelines, taglines & slogans
  • Advertising copy
  • Advertorial content
  • Brochure & newsletter content
  • Direct marketing content
  • Web, blog & online copy

Communicate with imagery.

Imagery and video has huge benefits as a communication medium.

Photography & Video

Whatever the intended target audience, imagery and video has huge benefits as a communication medium.

Images & video convey personality and emotion. We help you create interesting content that people respond to, whether its for marketing, brand engagement, training tutorials or informational content.

Video is especially useful on a practical level when demonstrating products, services or procedures which may be difficult to convey with images and text.

At Brand Solutions we prove ourselves on monitoring your campaigns and look forward to the debrief process with your marketing team to identify and maximise improvements in marketing efforts such as website traffic, social engagement, SEO, SEM, eDMs and print media.

Channel Analysis

When you commit to a marketing campaign, we provide the analytical evidence on how to monitor your return on investment. It’s all about expertly getting to know your audience and their behaviours. The metrics tell the truth about your business and the activity surrounding it. We provide detailed reports on any campaign delivered, including information such as open rates, click throughs, subscriber and website activity. We don’t just provide reports on how each segment of your campaign is going but also an insight into the strategies applied and how they work.

Work with us – Say Hello !

Our team is available from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm AEST Monday to Friday.

If you have any questions regarding our services or website, please contact us by filling out the following form, e-mailing or calling us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.