Grow Your Business with Email Marketing.

Monitor what services and products your customers are most responsive to.

Email Marketing (eDM)

We create effective ways of re-engaging your existing customers or website visitors by sending them targeted and relevant messages straight to their inboxes.

Email marketing offers awesome opportunities and return on investment for your business. With email marketing, your business can create longer lasting relationships with a wider audience than the cost of traditional media.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing refers to using a mass email broadcast platform to market your message about products and/or services direct to your customer database. Email marketing should form part of any long term digital strategy. It is extremely cost effective to send very large volumes of emails in comparison to other forms of direct marketing.

Our Process

We don’t just send out emails with a company news update or promos in one disorganised message. We work with you or your marketing/sales team to target the purpose of each message, crafting the design and copy of the message to the correct list segment and driving traffic to a particular page on your website.


We create the look/feel design and content of the email to be sent. Less noise equals more engagement – the more simplified something is the more effective it usually will be. The same goes for design. We keep your email design very simple by following the industry rules and guidelines proven to be effective.


Content is king – we have specific writing experience in crafting effective copy which will engage your target audience and help drive conversions.

Send & Report

We use a professional email platform to prepare your database and improve the quality of the data before we broadcast your message direct to your customer’s inboxes. We analyse your campaign metrics and show you how many people engaged with your email campaign. This is invaluable in assessing the return on your email marketing investment.

Work with us – Say Hello !

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